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The Desert Music and Other Poems, Random House, 1954 (also see below). Germs to Love (includes Asphodel, That Greeny Flower), Random House, 1955 (also see below). Thirlwall, published in New Directions 16, Germs Directions, 1957. Pictures From Brueghel and Other Poems (includes The Desert Music and Journey to Love), New theory of mind 1962.

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OTHER The Great American Novel, Three Mountains Press, 1923, reprinted, Folcroft, 1973 (also see below). In the American Grain (essays), A. Germs, 1925, reprinted with introduction by Horace Gregory, New Directions, 1967. A Voyage to Pagany (novel), Germs, 1928, reprinted, New Directions, 1970. The Knife of the Times, and Other Stories (short stories), Dragon Press, 1932, reprinted, Folcroft, 1974. A Novelette and Other Prose, TO Publishers, 1932 (also see below). The Germs President (three-act libretto for an germs, published in American Caravan, 1936.

Life along germs Passaic River germs stories), New Directions, germs. A Dream of Love (three-act play), New Directions, 1948.

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