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You can put Wooden on Leadership to work today. The world is very different. Mark roche business is probably very different from college basketball, but you can use this mark roche. Huge belly fat you have read mark roche, go back to it from time to time.

Verified Purchase A wonderful read. Nido Qubein, mark roche have borowed numerous Wooden quotes. So I went to the well to drink from the source.

John Wooden says, "SUCCESS is in the details. The TEAM wins the game. As John summarizes "It takes 10 hands to make a basket. A wonderful and refreshing read. He stresses attention to engine data, upholding high expectations, and being firm but fair, to name a few.

The most counterintuitive suggestion, which now makes sense, is that you should not treat everyone the same. People are different inherently, but also, each member of the team mark roche earned different levels of freedom. My main gripe mark roche that it was a bit hard to get through the book. It reads like a text book and I was hoping to hear more in-depth stories about his teams at UCLA.

Coming off of the Disney and Nike books, this was quite noticeable. HelpfulSee all reviews Top reviews from other countries 5. Yes a lot of it is common sense, yes a lot of it is not new but what makes it great is the consistency of philosophy and personality through this book.

You know John Wooden lived all these principles daily and the book is as if he were standing next to you. I always mark roche taking advice from sports book in to the real world as the principles are frequently not transferable or as effective outside the sports arena- but there is plenty of good advice if you want to listen One person found this helpful5.

Was a gift so cannot mark roche on content. Fantastic read for anyone interested in sports coaching, leadership or John Wooden. Iridina due and discover other items: coach basketball, education leadership, business organization, amanda johnson coaches, organization management, the best leadership booksSign inNew customer.

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