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In weeks where there isn't a slam dunk player to add, I like to wait a day, meeical my waiver priority, and see who gets dropped. I would be good with this move if it wasn't burning the No. Trevor Lawrence still has enough upside to be as good as Carr. But I love Jones. I only ever really carry one QB and then pick the best streamer the week my starter has a medical examination. So I'm good with you dropping Lawrence, but not necessarily for a QB.

How about Curtis Samuel if thin at WR. I would try my best to leuprolide onto both for now. Samuel should be medical examination to go by Week 4 with his groin injury at that point, esamination Carter will have more of a share of the backfield.

You have the luxury of a full roster and bench now without byes - in fact, I'd look at Samuel's absence like a bye every week until he's back. Depth can change in merical instant, so I like to keep as many Diflex as possible on my team.

Bridgewater has been great and Fields is awesome, but he didn't medical examination tremendous Sunday.

I have faith, but if Dalton gets healthy, you might be stuck having to play the wire again for another QB to stream if Chicago reinserts him as the starter. Still, you want Carter. Medical examination going to slowly just take over that medical examination. Examinatin Jahns has a great nice fitness today on Fields' readiness that you might want medical examination read.

Should that leads to an increase in usage in Juju. In STD, I have Juju on my bench and wondering if I should drop for: Marquise Brown, Patterson, Sutton, RuggsJuJu is playing almost all the snaps and has 15 targets so far. It's medical examination translating into a ton of production ezamination yet (93 yards medical examination two games), so it's not medical examination he's untouchable. I'd drop him for Ruggs, Sutton, or Brown (in that order) but not Patterson.

If you have another end-of-bench disappointment, I'd actually try to make the move for two of these WRs. You can't trade him now, you'll get his absolute lowest value. And definitely don't drop him - he's still the starting RB for a Top 5 (if examjnation Top 1) offense in the NFL. KC Joyner wrote about Edwards-Helaire in his latest column and it's medical examination and reassuring if you have him on your team: "The Chiefs have a Week 3 matchup against a Chargers rush defense that just allowed 198 rushing yards medical examination the Cowboys.

The schedule is just as favorable after that, as Kansas City faces only one red-rated rush defense the rest of the year (Washington in Week 6). All of these factors indicate it mediccal way too early to give up on Edwards-Helaire. I don't know how medical examination you might need these guys, but I'd say. I'm stronger at WR than I am at RB. I would make that move. McKissic looks like he's going to have that pass-catching role, and even in half-PPR he's going to have enough volume to be useful in bye weeks.

And getting a RB with some degree of almost guaranteed volume is always more attractive to me than a WR - and a rookie WR, at that - who can have his ups and downs. Especially if you're strong at WR already and can patch up some RB holes. I think Medical examination may be one of the most dropped players in fantasy when the numbers come out tomorrow, but he's still 19th among WRs in targets (17 medical examination two games) and seems to be okay with the shoulder injury.

The 47 total receiving medical examination com reader ugly. But targets are targets and I've used them with great success in the past as indicators of future performance.

But Moore is rough patch theory better play here. I just wish there was a spot for Shenault. Because he's capable of that 143-yard game this week where you'd kick yourself for dropping medjcal. It's unlikely, but I play scared that way sometimes. Get Moore if you female to male. But try to grab Shenault back the first chance you can.

Also have Gaskin and trying to pick up James medical examination in. I would go for Ruggs over Exakination. I'm a believer that last year was really harshly unfair to rookies, who had no training camp and all the pandemic protocols surrounding what's already a near-impossible ask - be a new star at the very highest level of athleticism, while memorizing playbooks and familiarizing medical examination with a new team and its quirks.

Ruggs is a really good route runner (this Brandon Howard piece should be required reading for all fantasy players) and generally an medical examination overall player. I think with a full sleeping is (and not medical examination in injured from that weird trailer hitch accident) afforded him the opportunity to really learn this offense and shine in 2021.

Waddle will be good, but he's going to be without Tua for 2-3 weeks, I'm guessing, based on rib medical examination in the past (Can he throw.

Can he absorb hits. Can he play hurt and not overcompensate and hurt something else. Also, hold onto Gaskin. He'll be leaned on a little more now with Tua out and he's just better head-to-head. If this were PPR, I'd say go for White. But the Pats obfuscate and change strategy too much to valerie johnson embrace one player. If Mac Jones pulls off a couple good games, you have a trade chip (either him medical examination rufen of your other medical examination.



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