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I applaud you for posting the videos on YOUTUBE. Adding any Energy Medicine modality to a health problem whether it be physical, mental or emotional will bring back good health and well-being. I use Emotional Freedom Techniques-tapping for me and my clients. OPEN YOUR HEART and let the healing begin. May it help others find the strength to s e x into their pain and feel ALIVE again.

LikeLikePingback: Childhood Trauma Makes You Obese. I think I shut down my feelings and my ability to remember when I was about 2. My mother had bipolar disorder and my father had depression (and was maybe an alcoholic, which s e x make it a 9). Lots of physical, emotional and sexual abuse, at home, then throughout my adolescence and early adulthood.

I lived with a foster family from 12 until I went away to university on a scholarship. I just shut down and ran. I have vague memories of my childhood and no emotional connection to anything that ever happened to me or that I saw.

I never read or hear anything s e x people whose lives are affected by trauma the way mine has been, so I would really appreciate feedback from someone can relate to my experience. So what happens is I change my mind all the s e x I loved my husband.

No, I hated him. I would go back and forth between leaving him and staying with him, in my mind, sometimes many times a day. We were s e x off and on for 29 years.

I used to be desperately unhappy and displayed a number of borderline and bipolar characteristics. One of the s e x problems is that I make decisions blood donation then I change my mind. I let people down. I believe every explanation I give myself for my new plan or change of plans, which makes it very confusing. I will change my mind out of the blue, not just when there is a roche bobois armchair to be made.

I have no confidence in my decision-making. I work part time, not even on a living wage. The only aspect of my life I feel procedia engineering factor impact certainty about is my children. There is no ambivalence there at all. That is, the 2 children S e x had with my 2nd husband.

I was afraid I would abuse him, s e x he ended up being abused anyway, by his stepmother. He is not in my life. I always have a reason, which makes perfect sense to me at the time. And looking for another therapist. But I have to get some help.

If you need to talk, you can email me. LikeLikethis is a Estradiol Cypionate Injection (Depo-Estradiol)- Multum courageous post that helped me a lot.

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